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Stress-Filled Vacation Tips

I thought it would be fun to do a Lifestyle Blogging Challenge from now until I run out of posts. I've googled "lifestyle blog post ideas" and will be posting every idea I find. First, I'm starting with the most entertaining list I've ever found. Some ideas include an anti-bucket list, how to take good pictures of a street (yes, not a street lamp, or an interesting house, but a literal street), and stress-free travel tips. That last one made me want to finally start this challenge, because I think the stress-free part is redundant. So, instead this post is
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This Week’s Sermon Quote

I've never talked about the process of uploading Instagram sermon quotes for my church. And I know "Instagram sermon quotes" is a little long, but I can't  think of another phrase for, "A quote taken from the sermon and uploaded to Instagram after I've inputted it into WordSwag." By the way, I love using WordSwag because I've learned to spot other images that were created using the app. I feel like we're all in a secret club called, "I don't know how to use Photoshop and I don't have time for Canva." Anyway, I'm going to talk about this week's

How Looking Down At My Phone Helps Me Look Out Towards Others

A few months ago, I watched a video in which an American talked about how terrible he thought millennials were. I  remember this dude saying with disgust that many millennials check their phones in the morning before saying good morning to their significant other. I'm not only single, I actively do not want to meet someone right now. Also, many of my family and friends live in another city, and the ones that live in Calgary are quite busy, as am I. My phone is how I stay in touch with them, but since I don’t have a significant other
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Your Twitter Bio Is Too Long

Your Twitter bio is too long. I know what you're thinking. You have 160 characters and you're going to use them, but that's a mistake and here's why: The average length of a Twitter bio among people with a high follower count is short. Robert Downey Jr. 14.3 million followers. Bio? "You know who I am." Tom Hiddleston. 4.2 million followers. Bio? "Actor." Chris Hemsworth. 6.4 million followers. Bio? "Official Twitter of Chris Hemsworth." Chris Evans. 12. 9 million followers. Bio? Nothing. There are many more examples, but you get the idea. Do you know their bios are so short?