[THIS POST IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION] When I was seventeen, I went to England, and I learned something that sounds obvious, but it was revolutionary to me: America (and Canada, by extension) is always behind when it comes to fashion. I bought a sweater that was super popular in England, but wasn’t in style in Canada until a year later. You can follow the trends, or you can be ahead of them. Here are the top ten 2018 Spring/Summer trends that you can rock before the snow starts melting:

1. Pastels

ShopStyle Pink Dress

2. Purple

 ShopStyle Maroon Dress

3. Ruching

 ShopStyle Blue Polka-Dot Dress

4. Bright Colours

ShopStyle Red Dress

5. Trenchcoats

 ShopStyle Rope Coat

6. Pencil Skirts

ShopStyle Pencil Skirt

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