Like any social media site, Twitter has good points and bad points. Twitter can definitely be a good place to promote your content and connect with others in your niche, but only if you follow these 5 Twitter rules:

1. Don’t ever reply to a controversial tweet

Twitter has this thing called Twitter Moments where it takes controversial tweets and highlights them for all of Twitter. Consequently, many people have had tweets they thought would fade into obscurity instead go viral. How do you avoid this? Don’t reply to controversial tweets. Also…

2. Don’t tweet about (most) current events

The same thing that happens with controversial tweets happens with current events, so you also shouldn’t tweet about current events. The exception is if the event if super local and relativity non-controversial, like a hockey game or something. Other than that, it’s better to say nothing.

3. Block spam followers

You know how Instagram has gone to a lot of effort to get rid of spam followers? Yeah, Twitter doesn’t do that. Consequently, you WILL be followed by someone who doesn’t care about your content and just wants more followers, or by a bot trying to get information. Look through your followers list once in a while to make sure all your followers are legitimate and block the ones who aren’t. Otherwise, you’ll end up with more spam followers.

4. Report inappropriate and spam replies

If you follow the above rules, you shouldn’t get a lot of inappropriate or spam replies to your tweets, but if you do, report them. Once you’ve reported the tweets, block the person who left them.

5. Keep in mind that Twitter is public

This sounds obvious, but I often see things on Twitter that make me think, “Do they realize literally anyone can see this?” Unless you have a private account, and I’m assuming you don’t if you’re trying to promote something, Twitter is public. Tweet with integrity. Keep your focus on sharing what you’re there to share, and don’t get into arguments with people. It’s not worth it.

What do you think of these 5 Twitter Rules? Are you on Twitter? If you are, why not follow me? I post about life, lifestyle, and vlogging.

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