There are actually a lot of stores in Calgary that sell affordable clothing, IF you know where to look.

Finding affordable clothing can be challenging, but it’s worth it. Even if though it would make life so much easier to not put effort into my appearance, I could never be one of those women who brag about wearing pajamas during the day. It’s just not the kind of person I am.  I’m inspired by the women in my family who know that taking pride in one’s appearance is a sign of confidence.

So, since spending my life in pajamas and sweats isn’t an option, but neither is Holt Renfrew or Brooks Brothers, I’ve found more affordable shops in Calgary that sell everything from work clothes to slightly more casual clothing:

1. Suzy Shier

Suzy Shier is a little hit and miss. I’ve bought clothes from here that lasted years. I’ve also bought shirts that pill in two months to the point that they’re unwearable unless I’m going for a jog.  Still, it’s a great store for affordable clothing that’s appropriate for work and after work. Now that I’m working fairly close to the mall, I always stop in check out the clearance rack. Last week I got a work blouse for $9!

2. Ricki’s

Ricki’s is more work-based than Suzy Shier, and it’s also a little more expensive, but if you sign up for their text messages, you’ll be alerted every time they have a sale. They also, at one point, sold the greatest pants in the history the world. They’re half jeans, half jeggings in different colours. I bought seven pairs in six colours, but I’m down to four and I don’t think they’ll be bringing them back. Sad face. Nevertheless, I can always count of them to have the perfect work dress or skirt.

3. H&M

H&M would be higher on the list, but when you walk in, you’re pretty much on your own. You also have to search through a LOT of rubbish to find good clothes.

So why did I list them here? They have the greatest dress pants ever in every style imaginable and, although I’ve decided that I would much rather wear a skirt or a dress, H&M is great for when only dress pants will do.

4. Consignment

For those who don’t know, consignment stores are like thift shops, but different. Instead of people donating the clothes, the people consign the clothes and receive a percentage of the sale.  So, although it’s not all affordable clothing, it’s more affordable than it could be. I live super close to several consignment stores and so far I’ve found a jacket, dress, designer purse, and earrings.  I do wish that Trend Fashions would organize their clothing by size and not by colour, because it’s usually impossible to find the correct size. Oh well.

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