Last year, I attempted Alan Rickman Month on my blog.

Alan Rickman will always be my favourite actor. He passed away on January 14, 2016, but I want people to remember his work, especially outside of Harry Potter. After all, Alan had a full career prior to being cast as Severus Snape, so although I loved him in that role, I want to see what else he’s done.

I thought I would review every movie, episode, and music video (and play if I can find a video) Alan was ever in starting January 1st of last year. This didn’t work out for a few reasons:

1. As much as I love Alan’s movies, I don’t think my readers want to hear about him for over two months, which is how longer it would have been if I had done everything thing he’s ever been in.

2. Some of the movies are impossible to find, so doing it chronologically didn’t make a lot of sense. The first week had a bunch of short reviews because, really, what can you say about one scene? I think this time I might condense all TV episodes into one post.

3. I was super busy, so watching every single movie in that amount of time really wasn’t possible.

So, I’ve decided to make every Thursday “Alan Rickman Day.”

Since Alan was born on Thursday, 21 February, 1946, this only makes sense.

I’m also not going to review everything chronologically, but instead in the order that I’d like to review them. This means that I’ll have time to find those TV shows he did in the eighties that don’t seem to exist on the internet.

Also, because Alan was in movies, films, TV shows, and music videos, this post is going to appear in the “Me” category because Alan Rickman was, and still is, my favourite actor.

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