Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Family, pool, Cards Against Humanity, figgy pudding, charades, Secret Santa, and candles. So many candles.

Christmas tree ornament

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve and Christmas day were great. I’ve done the same thing for Christmas Eve since I was born: I went to my paternal grandparents place. Just like last year, my European family came to visit. My cousins are six, four, and two. Having kids around for Christmas is super fun. It just adds to the magic.

Throughout the evening I asked my dad and my uncle to guess where Santa might be, according to NORAD. By the way, if you haven’t look up Santa’s location on Christmas Eve, you should. How does Santa get to all the houses in the world in one night? Time zones, apparently.

After dinner, my dad and I faced off against my sister and future BIL in a best of three pool tournament that Dad and I ended up winning. I’m so bad at pool that I literally just looked up a glossary of pool terms to write the sentence after this and still couldn’t find the word I was looking for, so I think Dad is the reason we won. I had to use the pool cue holder of shame for most of my shots.

When we got back to my dad’s, I convinced everyone to watch Love Actually. I really just wanted Dad to see the jewellery store scene, and you should watch it too.


Christmas day has changed a bit since my maternal grandparents moved to Vancouver. It used to be two-day exhibition that went until Boxing Day. Now my mum and aunt alternate, and this year was my mum’s turn. We do Secret Santa on my mum’s side of the family, sort of. This year was different because my cousins and my nephews weren’t there, so I ended up still getting presents for most of the family attending this Christmas.

My uncle (my aunt’s husband; I’m specifying because my mum’s brother was there too) said it was nice that presents aren’t really the focus in the way they were when the “kids” (my generation) were younger, and I agree. It’s nice to not be in a hurry to open presents.

Instead, we played Cards Against Humanity with a deck I censored. Yes, I actually went through the deck and took out cards I wouldn’t want to read in front of my family. If you’ve played Cards Against Humanity, you know why I did this. There’s a reason its tagline is “A Party Game For Terrible People.” I just thought maybe we could be…slightly less terrible.

Christmas Dinner and Charades

During dinner, we carried out our yearly traditions of opening crackers and wearing paper hats too big for our heads.  For desert, we set the figgy pudding on fire while singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” after clarifying that the lyrics are “Good tidings we bring to you and your kin” not king. This was a surprise to many.

After handing out the Secret Santa gifts and figuring out who bought for whom, we played charades. My family could create our own game called, “Over-complicate this party game.” However, we did eventually get charades started, and most of us even remembered who was on our team, so that was nice.

So my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was the way it always is: Awesome. I got to spend time with my family, and I got a lot of candles. It turns out when you tell people that you want to get more into candles, everyone you know will buy you candles. Everyone.


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