Today I went to church (See this post for an explanation of my new Today posts). I’ve mentioned my church before, and how glad I am started attending again. It’s the best part of my week. My faith is really important to me, and I know Jesus is helping me become a better person.

I like my church because it’s a good mix of new and traditional. The liturgy is traditional, but the music, and the chairs, are modern. I think a good example of this new and traditional mix is that the pastor wears traditional pastoral robes, but he keeps his sermon notes on an iPad.

The sermons themselves are great because they’re relatable, and the pastor emphasises that everything needs to be looked at in its proper context, which I really appreciate. I’m not a fan of people turning bible verses into motivational quotes with no context

As I’ve said before the people are great too, and I’m becoming more involved in the church community.

Christmas Shopping

After I got home from church, I decided to finish my Christmas shopping. Should I have finished it before the 23rd? Probably. As it stands, I still haven’t finished it. I need to buy another present for my sister, my Secret Santa, my parents, and my cousin. So I’m doing well.

In the middle of November, I started a presents pile in my closet. I just have to make sure everything is there, and then tomorrow I can buy the rest of the gifts. Fortunately, my grandparents live next to an Indigo, so I should be able to buy the rest of the presents there if I completely run out of time.

Someone I know said that they buy presents throughout the year. That definitely sounds like a better system than shopping on Christmas Eve. Maybe next year I’ll try it.

If someone reading this could tell me that you’ve also not finished your shopping yet, I’d feel a lot better.


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