Die Hard is the movie I’ve been waiting to review! I love Die Hard, and not just because Alan Rickman is in it, although that plays a big part.

I feel like everyone knows the story of Die Hard, but here’s the story: Bruce Willis plays John McClane. He’s a New York cop travelling to L.A. to attend his wife’s Christmas party. John separates from his wife, Holly, because John didn’t like her taking a job in L.A. John usually gets a bad rap for this from reviewers, but I think he’s right to be annoyed. If I lived in New York City and someone wanted me to move to a place like L.A., I’d refuse.

John meets up with his wife and goes up to her office (that conveniently has a private bathroom) to freshen up and mentally prepare for partying with a bunch of Californians. Meanwhile, Hans Gruber shows up with his band of not-so-merry men to case the place. Now, in a 1980s action movie, it’s up to John to save the day without a mobile phone or internet access.

Die Hard is great because everything and everyone in it matters. In an age of movies like Batman versus Superman where plot points exist because they might possibly be important eventually if the stars align, it’s nice to watch a movie where even a reporter with barely any lines matters.

I found out from an internet reviewer called “The Dom” that Die Hard is actually based off of the book that was super popular before the movie came out. I’m not going to look up the name; like I said, it was super popular BEFORE the movie came out. Now it’s just a fun fact. Besides, the book isn’t Harry Potter. From what I understand, the filmakers weren’t trying to make Die Hard like the book.

I don’t want to spoil the deaths in the movie, only because if someone hasn’t seen the movie yet, he could still be surprised. The death of that person who wouldn’t stop doing that thing even though the audience (and others in the movie) were pleading with the person to stop doing that thing was shocking to me, even though the movie is over thirty years old.

I don’t want to spoil the climax of the movie. However, I have heard a behind the scenes fun fact about dropping an actor. Turns out, he looks more surprised if you say you’ll count to three, but instead you drop him on two.

Overall, Die Hard is a great movie with a great villain and a great story. Watch Die Hard, and also watch Die Hard with a Vengence, the third movie in the series. It’s almost as good as the first one and Jeremy Irons is brilliant.

I actually also recommend Die Hard 5 because its just so unique in its view of what Die Hard is. In fact, why not check out the Die Hard Anniversary Edition? You’ll get four incredible movies and one incredibly confusing movie.

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8.8Die Hard can teach twenty-first century movies how to create well-rounded characters who fit into an exciting plot.

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