Everyone I know reads my blog. Literally every single person I know.

Okay, that’s not true. But more people than I thought read my blog, including my mum, my cousin, my sister’s friend, my friend and my friend’s boyfriend.

I’m perfectly fine with this; I’m just surprised.

I think everyone writer has a moment when they’re surprised that people are actually reading what they write.

When I first start blogging in 2009 (not on this blog; on a blog that I deleted), I was completely anonymous. I don’t know why; I guess I was worrying that people would find out that I…really like movies?

Sometimes I still worry that only writing about stuff I like (minus really personal stuff like work) makes me look weird, which is why I explained my thinking behind this.

I really don’t understand why anyone would blog about their job. It just seems like such a terrible idea. Dooce (who I don’t follow on Twitter because I don’t think she realizes that her bio isn’t funny; it’s tragic) blogged about her job until, shocker, she got fired.

If you have any idea why anyone would blog about work, please comment, because I genuinely have no idea.

I recently joined a writer’s group on Facebook and I asked for advice on fighting my perfectionism. By the way, when I say I’m a perfectionist, I don’t mean it in that backhanded compliment kind of way that people try to use in job interviews. I mean my perfectionism sometimes paralyzes me when I’m trying to write.

I got a lot of good advice, but the best advice was this:

“Your story will never be perfect. Neither will you. Lower your standards a little and write the best story you can.”

Isn’t that awesome? I often try to write something that’s perfect, but then I don’t write anything. Blogging helps me fight this because I don’t have a standard for perfect when I’m blogging, except for the following:

  1. Am I talking about something I like?
  2. Is it something other than work?
  3. Am I writing like myself?

As long as I’m following those guidelines, I’m happy with what I write. And to everyone who’s reading this right now, thank you for taking the time. It means a lot to me, and if you’re blogging, share the link. I’d love to read it.


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