Yes, reader I totally have because my blog is so popular?

“Why are you reviewing Great News if it just got cancelled?”

Because I don’t think any shows I like are still on-the-air. Some were always good and ended (Friends, Bates Motel), some started off great and then went off the rails (Bones, House, The Office, Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock) and some were amazing but then NBC (it’s always NBC) said, “No. Good shows scare us. Do we really want to recreate the 90s and offer high quality programming?” and cancelled them (Awake, Hannibal, Great News).

So, Great News. It’s hilarious. I think the funniest moment was a quote that involved Chris Hemsworth (the mention of him; he was not on the show). I spent the last two days watching season one, and then I wanted to know what else the male lead had been in. His Wikipedia page said, “He starrED in Great News.”

Past tense??????

I looked it up (I refuse to use Google as a verb unless Google stops being terrible. Don’t ask me if we must include a search term; if I didn’t want it included, I wouldn’t have typed it.) and found Great News was just cancelled.

I’m not sure what NBC has against good shows. The only thing I can think is that they rely too much on ratings and not enough on streaming statistics. Anyway…

Great News is about a woman who decides to become an intern at her daughter’s news station. The daughter wants to be a producer, but her boss, who she has a will-they won’t-they thing with, won’t let her.

The show is essentially 30 Rock . . . back when 30 Rock was good, so seasons 1-3.

I don’t want to spoil the show, especially since I haven’t even watched half of it (Netflix only has season one), but I will say you should watch it…also, let me know if NBC ever realizes that ratings are not the be all and end all and that maybe it would be nice if they had a Friends-like success again, but they can’t have that, if they cancel every single good show.

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