;My Beliefs

I’m Christian, and it’s difficult for me to talk about this…well, not really. Offline, I talk about this a lot. Online, people seem to put religion in the same category as “serious stuff,”, but I don’t feel like I can be completely myself while blogging or writing if I’m not honest about this.

By the way, I should say now that I will never delve into theology here. Being Christian doesn’t automatically make one skilled at talking about theology. However, if you’re located in Calgary, I know some great people to recommend on that front.

My Church

I’ve technically been going to the same church all my life, except for the nine year period that I was in post-secondary. I started attending again, fairly regularly, at the beginning of this year, with some exceptions being made for weather and events, but I don’t want to miss any more services. Going to a church retreat last weekend made me realize how important attending church is for me.

I decided to go back to my childhood church mainly because of the pastor (who has been the pastor there since…1994? I’ll ask him), his wife, and friends of my grandparents who still go to the church. Since going back, I’ve also met some nice people, and I’m hoping to get more involved with volunteering.

My Story

Now that I’m writing this post, I’m not sure why I was worried to blog about this. Most people I know already know this (I said most of the above paragraph during my speech at the church retreat directly to the pastor, his wife, and a friend of my grandparents) or they won’t read this, or they won’t care.

Besides, this year, starting from around October, I decided to be honest with people about how I feel about them. I think this carries over from 2017 when I lost a family member, and then another family member, and then another family member. People won’t be around forever. If you care about someone, tell them.

On a final note, I firmly believe that everyone should share their honest story. I think more people would share their story if they knew that other people are usually focused on themselves. I’m fairly good at public speaking. Part of why is because I know that most people either want me to succeed or aren’t listening to what I’m saying. Either is fine with me.

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