Disclaimer: Although this post introduces the idea of the sun-post, part of this could be seen as a sub-post. However, I’m not sharing it on the social media platform where they’ll see it. Also, I have never mentioned this person on my blog before. I just want to make that clear in case there’s any confusion.

In your particular profession, why are you sub-posting?

Yesterday a Facebook Friend posted this update:

…really interested in doing what is right, rather than simply “what I can get away with”…

I wish I could tell you what this person does for a living, but I won’t because I don’t want you to confuse them with someone else I know who is on a higher rung of the same ladder and manages to not do stuff like this online. Again, the person who posted this update, I haven’t talked about them before.

Needless to say, in their profession, this is a weird thing to say explicitly. It’s like a teacher saying, “…really interested in teaching children, rather than simply “doing the bare minimum of teaching”…” Or an accountant saying, “…really interested in accurately auditing this company’s books, rather than simply “embezzling all its money”…”

In fact, the more I look at those quote marks, the more I think that someone accused this person of something, and they’re handling it on Facebook. Either way, this is a sub-post.

Sub-posting is when you post something negative about someone without naming them and then you leave it in a place that you know they’ll see it. It’s stupid. I can’t even describe it without rolling my eyes; that’s how stupid it is.

I just don’t think sub-posts are necessary. The internet is already passive-aggressive by default because that’s what happens when you communicate just with words and no body language or tone.

Can we exchange sub-posting for sun-posting, please?

What I’ve done a few times is posted something complimentary about someone and left it in a place I know they’ll see it. I call this a sun-post. A sun-post is a complimentary post about someone without naming them that makes them feel happy instead of insulted.

As far as I know, I’m one of only two people who does this, but I think it could, and should, catch on.

“But why not just compliment them to their face?”

But why not just insult someone to their face in the case of sub-posts? And the thing is, sometimes it’s awkward to compliment someone. You don’t want to go overboard complimenting them in public. Leaving a message for them to find is more comfortable for everyone. This is probably the reason for sub-posts as well, except in that case, the post only cares about how they feel.

So can we please stop sub-posting and start sun-posting? And while we’re at it, can we, for the love of all that is good, stop vague-booking? This same person posted:

“Perplexed by people’s Facebook posts…”

When someone asked them, “Which ones?” they replied, “One’s that are perplexing.”

See the source image


Thank you for reading! What do you think about sun-posts, sub-posts, and vaguebooking? Let me know in the comments below!


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