I know what you’re thinking: “The follow-unfollow method? That’s evil!” Or maybe you’re thinking, “I already know how how it works: You follow people and as soon as they follow you back, you unfollow them to pad your numbers.”

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If you’re in the first group, you’re going to learn something today.  If you’re in the second group, you’re bad. Stop doing that.

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Look, I know that we all want more followers, especially now that social media sites are deliberately hiding our content so we’ll buy ads.  However, following people only to unfollow them once they follow you back isn’t just tacky…

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I have an app that tells  me when someone has unfollowed me on Instagram.  I check it about once a week.  I usually find that someone with thousands of followers who followed me recently has since unfollowed me.  So, I unfollow them.

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My criteria for following people who don’t follow me back is this: If I would be excited to encounter them in real life, I’ll follow them. If I wouldn’t have any idea who they are, I won’t.  Hence why I’m following Jason Isaacs on Twitter even though he isn’t following me back.  Apart from pubic figures, though, I’m not going to keep following someone who’s just unfollowed me. Instead, I’ll unfollow them.

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So if I don’t support following people and then unfollowing people when they follow you back, what am I talking about when I say the follow-unfollower method?  What I’m talking about is half-similar to what most people think of when they hear follow-unfollow:

Follow people, and then if they DON’T follow you back, unfollow them.

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Like I said, there’s usually no point following someone who doesn’t follow you back.  I’m not saying follow EVERYONE, but follow people in your niche, or brands that will help you in some way.  Most of the time, they’ll follow you back.

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That being said, when people don’t follow you, that’s useful information too.  I follow a lot of bloggers, and many of them follow me back, but many don’t. It’s confusing. I mean, none of us are curing cancer. We’re all bloggers, just some people have more views than others.  So, when I follow a blogger and they don’t follow me back, they’re telling me, “Samantha, I’m not worth following, and you probably shouldn’t bother checking out my blog, vlogs, or Instagram,” so I thank them for this information by unfollowing them.

So, there you have it. If you want to increase your follower count, follow as many people you can in your niche, and then unfollow the ones who don’t follow you back.  They’re not worth following in the first place.


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