I thought it would be fun to do a Lifestyle Blogging Challenge from now until I run out of posts. I’ve googled “lifestyle blog post ideas” and will be posting every idea I find.

First, I’m starting with the most entertaining list I’ve ever found. Some ideas include an anti-bucket list, how to take good pictures of a street (yes, not a street lamp, or an interesting house, but a literal street), and stress-free travel tips.

That last one made me want to finally start this challenge, because I think the stress-free part is redundant.

So, instead this post is full of stress-filled travel tips that I don’t recommend you actually follow.

Here’s some things to do if you want to have the most stress-filled vacation possible:

Don’t purchase travel insurance.

Don’t tell your bank you’re travelling.

Travel with a black suitcase and no identifying travel tags.

Don’t pack until the taxi is on its way.

Bring full-sized liquids in your carry-on.

Wear as much metal as possible. Even if you’re not a bracelet person, buy twenty bracelets.

 Wear thigh high leather boots – the kind that don’t come off without a considerable amount of effort.

 Look suspicious while going through customs. Not enough to be detained, but enough that the customs officer asks you a few extra questions.

Deliberately choose the middle seat and don’t use either armrest.

Become a luddite for the plane ride and refuse to use the entertainment screen.

Turn down any offers of beverages or snacks.

When the person beside you starts talking, don’t put your headphones in. Try to keep the conversation going.

When the plane lands, don’t get ready to leave until a line of annoyed passengers has formed behind you.

Instead of waiting for the conveyor belt to bring your suitcase to you, run to it.

Ask the most dangerous looking stranger if you can share a taxi.

Don’t even look for a place to stay until after you arrive.

Choose accommodations that are far from anything interesting, and then don’t rent a car.

When returning home, don’t call a taxi in advance. Just walk to the sidewalk and hope one shows up.

Say yes when someone asks if they can hide something in your suitcase.

Follow all tips from when you departed for your vacation.



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