Suits is weird. Like, it’s really weird. I don’t understand what’s happening.

Okay, so we all know that the Duchess of Sussex had to quit Suits because she was becoming the Duchess of Sussex, and some of us know that Patrick J. Adams didn’t really enjoy being on the show after the second season due to his understanding that the show’s creator was ruining the show, something that’s become more and more apparent over time.

However, even though the Duchess and Patrick leaving the show was inevitable, I just don’t understand how it went off the rails so quickly.

I do love the new theme, though. They only show Gabriel Macht’s face, no one else’s, and you could pretty much substitute the lyrics to Greenback Boogie with this:

Please ignore we don’t have, Mike anymore.

Focus in on Gabriel, and ignore.

This show’s gotten so bad, really quick.

Your guess is as good as ours, why that is.

I don’t understand what happened, because Suits used to be so good. I watch the pilot and I think, how did they go from that to whatever’s going on now?

I think my biggest problem with the show as it stands now, and as it was during Patrick’s last season, is Alex.

I hate Alex.

Mike and Harvey’s relationship on the show is . . . confusing. At one point, I’m pretty sure one of Harvey’s girlfriend’s insinuated that Mike and Harvey were together and, actually, that would make a lot of sense given that they kind of forgot to explain why Harvey is so loyal to Mike when Mike keeps screwing up. We’re just supposed to believe that this high-profile New York Attorney would give up clients, and his job, for someone without being told why.

In any case, I’ll just sum up Mike and Harvey’s relationship by saying that it’s apparently Harvey’s job to put Mike above everyone else in his life. Jessica, Donna, Louis, Scottie, everyone. And, likewise, Mike puts Harvey over everyone else when he decides to go to prison so Harvey won’t have to risk being disbarred. So, that’s their relationship, and that’s why I hate Alex.

Alex is some dude that Harvey knew through going to possibly work at his firm at one point, but then Harvey reneged on the offer so Alex got into trouble. Do we see this? Yes, we do, in those TERRIBLE flashbacks that they keep imposing on us.

Look, I get why they showed a flashback regarding why Daniel Hardman was ousted from the firm. It added more weight to the situation and demonstrated that Jessica wasn’t going after Monica Eaton due to petty vengeance. But this flashback worked because the situation already mattered, and then they showed a flashback. This is the opposite of most Suits flashbacks that can be summed up with “this matters BECAUSE we’re showing a flashback.”

I didn’t need to see Mike get expelled from college. I didn’t need to see any flashbacks related to Harvey’s family. Gabriel Macht’s performance was enough: “I heard . . . I heard, and then I saw.” Incidentally, I don’t want to go on a bigger rant here, but Harvey’s mother is a terrible person, as are his step-dad, and his brother. “I forgive you, too.” Anything I want to say inĀ  response to that is so rude, I just won’t say anything.

Alex’s importance to Harvey in shown through flashback. This is so weak. If you have to tell us he’s important, he’s not important.

Adding to the Alex problem is the fact that Harvey chose Alex over Mike during one of Alex’s first episodes. Again, Harvey’s job, according to the show, is to put Mike above everyone, and suddenly he doesn’t do this because of some random character we’ve never seen before.

And now that random character is one of the show’s main stars. Great. Super.

Oh, and so is Katherine Heigl, by the way. I think that’s all I need to say about that.

Also, Donna is super annoying. I miss that cool, confident character from the pilot. Now she’s perpetually bitter that she’s not a lawyer and whereas I could have seen her with Harvey early on, now she’s the new Rachel with how whiny she is.

The only good parts of Suits now are Katrina and Robert Zane. Maybe they should join Gina Torres on her Suits spin-off, or at least form their own spin-off entitled, “Too good for this show; why are we still here?” I would watch that.

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