I want to talk about my experience at the Taizé service that took place at my church tonight. I don’t think I would have known about the service if it hadn’t taken place at my church, but I’m really glad I went because it was amazing.

The majority of the Taizé service was singing mixed with a moment of silence, a prayer, and a talk on the Taize community and its yearly theme. This year, the theme is hospitality. 

By the way, can I just say I absolutely love the idea of having a yearly theme? It’s similar to what my church did last December with the Advent Conspiracy. Each sermon integrated both the Advent Conspiracy themes and the traditional Advent themes. It really brought new meaning to the Advent season.

The Taizé community started in 1940 when its founder, Brother Roger, started an organization that hid Jews fleeing persecution, as well as hosted refugees. You can learn more here.

Truthfully, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Taizé service. I knew there would be singing, but that was all I knew.

As it turned out, there was singing, but the singing was different than the worship music I’m used to. The songs we sang were in several different languages, including Latin and French. During the talk, the speaker said worshipping in this way removes language barriers. This is so true, and I especially liked how the Prayers of the People incorporated one of the songs.

As I said, the talk centred around hospitality and mentioned that in the same way that we are called to be hospitable to others, so too is Jesus hospitable to us. He invites us into eternal life with Him, and that’s something I sometimes take for granted.

The speaker also mentioned “practicing resurrection.” I wasn’t sure about that when I first heard the phrase, but it basically means living our lives with the knowledge that we are beloved by God. I’ve been trying to do this more ever since my pastor spoke about it a few months ago.

If you ever get the chance to attend a Taizé service, I definitely recommend it. Here’s a list of places you can attend a Taize service in Canada. If you’re between 18-30, you can also visit them in France.[EDITOR’S NOTE: I talked to my pastor and apparently you can visit Taizé at any age.] They host thousands of young adults every year.

By the way, you might notice by the lack of posts mixed with demo content that I’ve restarted Perfectly Samantha. I’ve chosen a new direction, and that direction is things I actually want to write about, which is mainly my faith and my life. That’s why I  changed my tagline to, “Lifestyle thirty,” and eradicated many of my old posts. I’ve kept the posts that represent who I am and what–and who–I love.

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