I’ve never talked about the process of uploading Instagram sermon quotes for my church.

And I know “Instagram sermon quotes” is a little long, but I can’t  think of another phrase for, “A quote taken from the sermon and uploaded to Instagram after I’ve inputted it into WordSwag.”

By the way, I love using WordSwag because I’ve learned to spot other images that were created using the app. I feel like we’re all in a secret club called, “I don’t know how to use Photoshop and I don’t have time for Canva.”

Anyway, I’m going to talk about this week’s Instagram sermon quote because I love it so much.

Disclaimer: The point of this post isn’t intended to be “look what I made” because I don’t make anything; I just assign a font to a quote and pair it with a photo. I’m writing about this because I like the different elements that this week’s image is made of and I want to share it with people.

Firstly, the photo is amazing.

The lighting is awesome and the composition is suburb. I love how symmetrical and simple it is. It’s just outstanding. If I end up doing a post about things I loved in 2019, (or a video like I did for my favourite parts of July) this photo will be on it. It shows you don’t need an over complicated photo to send a message about your organization’s mission.

Secondly, the quote is perfect.

I love this quote, because it really exemplifies what Jesus is about. If I could put it on a poster, I would. The reading for this week was Luke 14:1-24, in which Jesus was invited to the home of a prominent Pharisee. The sermon was about how we shouldn’t view people as the right or the wrong sort of people. Instead, we need to view others the way that Jesus does and reach out to those in need.

Thirdly, the font is actually easy to see.

Once I choose a quote, I put it into WordSwag. WordSwag has several font choices. The font for this week’s image is called “Fatty Knows Best.” I like it because I didn’t have to adjust the photo to make the quote readable. I love the quote above, but I really had to mess with the photo to get the words to show up.

Fourth (Random question, why isn’t fourthly a word?), the altar is supporting the words in the same way scripture supports the sermon.

I’ve mentioned before how the sermons are supported by scripture and the sermons always consider the biblical and societal context. I think the altar supporting the words is a good representation of this.

Overall, I think this is one of the best images on the Instagram page. I hope it encourages people to listen to the sermon in its entirety.

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