Every lifestyle should read this. Perfectly Samantha is new-ish, but I’ve actually been blogging for nearly ten years. During that time, I’ve seen, and even participated, in some lifestyle blogger don’ts. I thought that they would go away, but they’re sticking around. So, here’s my PSA for all lifestyle bloggers:

1. Don’t forget that you have a life outside blogging.

You are a blogger, but that’s not all you are. You may be very successful, but don’t forget that you also live in the real world. I’m in school studying for my dream job. I blog because I love writing, but I don’t expect I can make a living from it. Even if I could, I wouldn’t want to say anything on my blog (or Twitter, or Instagram) that I wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Ideally offline you and online you should be very similar. That being said…

 2. Don’t tweet about politics.

Me when a lifestyle blogger discusses politics.

I used to not drive such a hard line regarding politics. I used to think that people could discuss politics rationally online…sorry, I lost my train of thought because there’s laughing in my head. Obviously the majority of people can’t be rational while posting about politics, and I include myself in that category. Instead of tweeting about politics, and politicians you didn’t like last week, don’t like this week, and probably won’t like next week, tweet about charities you support. Add more positivity than negativity. Because ieven if you’re  a lifestyle blogger and I like your blog, I will unfollow if you discuss politics.

3. Don’t join exclusively self-promotional Facebook groups.

I admit I’ve totally done this. I don’t know why. I guess I figured any likes, comments, and shares were valuable, but they’re not. They’re meaningless because they’re not organic. People are only engaging with your content because they want likes, comments, and shares too. That’s not sincere.I’ve joined Facebook groups that offer advice on different aspects of social media. Those are great, and I recommend them, but follow for follow and like for like threads should be avoided like the plague. And speaking of things that should be avoided like the plague…Top

4. Don’t host giveaways to get followers.

Contests are great. It’s awesome when bloggers and writers have giveaways. It’s less awesome when the phrase “Follow to win guys!” is anywhere close to the giveaway announcement. I understand getting people to RT or like because it creates a list of participants, but saying that people have to be following you to win is just sad. The followers you get aren’t sincere, and they’re just going to unfollow you when the giveaway is over. It’s blogger bribery, plain and simple. Stop it now.

5. Don’t play #hashtag games.

A lifestyle blogger feud.

Now, this one comes with some stipulations: If the hashtag game is related to your niche, then sure, play away. However, most games are just general, and when you click the hashtag, you get a LOT of political posts that you probably don’t want associated with your brand. When I went through my Twitter, I deleted all hashtag game tweets because of what they were connected to. I’ll use a hashtag if it’s relevant, but games are a waste of time.

 6. Don’t insult people.

This don’t is sort of directed at everyone, but it has to do with your personal brand, so I’m including this on the list. Don’t tweet insults at people, and don’t write negative open letters about people. It’s a waste of time, and you’re only making yourself look bad. People who know you in real life know that you’re usually nice, but if all you ever post online is negative, that’s how you’ll seem. I know it can be difficult to refrain when certain things get said, but just be the bigger person. Sometimes the higher road has the best view.

7. Don’t insult celebrities.

Jason Isaacs will rip you apart on Twitter.

This is related to the last don’t, but it needs its own section. Certain celebrities I follow *cough*Jason Isaacs*cough* are very political on Twitter. Personally, I don’t think they need to be. At this point, they’re preaching to the choir, but whatever. It’s not my Twitter feed. Once in a while, though, someone will insult Jason Isaacs and he’ll retweet the insult with his reply, indirectly inciting his followers to attack this person. Jason Isaacs isn’t Lucius Malfoy, but one thing they do they have in common is how they respond to being insulted. It’s not fun to watch.

If you insult someone with a large following, you run the risk of that following directing their Twitter rage at you. I’m of the opinion that Twitter rage should be avoided at all costs, so just don’t insult anyone. You’re not going to change the person’s mind, and their followers are going to hate you. And isn’t it great to be a lifestyle blogger who realizes that discussing politics is always a mistake?

 8. Don’t respond to trolls.

Did you know there’s a study that found online trolls have similar qualities to psychopaths? If you met someone in real life and realized they were a psychopath, you’d avoid them. Do the same thing online. Trolls want a response. Don’t give them one. Just block them and go about your day.

 9. Don’t auto DM new followers.

I’m pretty sure you can’t do this anymore due to new Twitter rules, but I’ve noticed some people get around this by just immediately DMing every new follower. Please don’t do this. It’s as annoying as auto-comments on Instagram, which you also shouldn’t do, by the way. People will read your blog, or subscribe to your YouTube channel if they want to. Don’t clutter their messages with promotions, unless it’s specific to a one time thing, like a charitable event.

 10. Don’t forget to acknowledge a fellow lifestyle blogger.

I’ve been guilty of this. Someone will comment on a tweet and I’ll just like it and move on. I need to stop doing this. If people genuinely want to interact with you, don’t ignore them. Jason Isaacs almost never interacts with non-authenticated people unless it’s to showcase how he was insulted. That’s not great. Ideally, you should ignore the trolls and only deal with positive people.

Thanks for reading! Did I miss any don’ts? Leave a comment below. 🙂




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