As I’ve mentioned, I didn’t like Taylor Swift’s most recent album. However, that doesn’t mean she isn’t talented. I actually like a lot of Taylor’s music, so I thought I’d list them here for the sole reason that if I post a negative review of an artist, I feel like I should also post something positive.

1. Blank Space

“But you’ll come back each time you leave, ’cause darling I’m a nightmare dress like a daydream.”

For some inconceivable reason, Blank Space explains the plot of Hannibal perfectly, especially if you view it as the first versus and chorus equaling season one, the second versus and chorus equaling season two, and the third verse and chorus equaling season three.

2. Superman

“Tall, dark, and Superman, he puts papers in his briefcase and drives away to save the world, or go to work. It’s the same thing to me.”

“Superman” never became as popular and I’m not sure why. I first found it on this Smallville video and it’s still what I think of when I listen to it. Hey, until they give Tyler Hoechlin his own show, Smallville is still the best Superman show  that we have (but at least we have Henry Cavill’s movies).

3. Eyes Open

“So here you are, two steps ahead and staying on guard. Every lesson forms a new scar. They never thought you’d make it this far.”

Megan Trainor should have listened to this song before writing “Me Too.” “Eyes Open” works because while it’s about confidence, it’s also about vulnerability and that’s just as important.

4. Haunted

“You and I walk a fragile line. I have known it all this time, but I never thought I’d live to see it break.”

“Haunted” is so cinematic. It kind of reminds me of Nightwish. Also, maybe because there’s not a lot of detail regarding what went wrong in their relationship, it doesn’t annoy me like “I Knew You Were Trouble” does.

5. Out of the Woods

“Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods?”

When I first heard “Out of the Woods”, I hated it. I hated the repeating chorus, and I still think it could have been altered. Nevertheless, it’s catchy and I like the symbolism in the last verse.

6. Speak Now

“I am not the kind of girl who should be rudely barging in on a white-veil occasion, but you are not the kind of boy who should be marrying the wrong girl.”

I like “Speak Now” neither it nor its background is petty.” Apparently, it was written because Taylor’s friend’s ex was marrying this terrible woman who was making him miserable. That’s definitely a dire situation in which someone should “speak now.”

What surprises me about this list is that I have two songs from 1989, three from Speak Now, and one from the Hunger Games soundtrack. I would have thought I’d have at least one song from Taylor’s first album. Huh.

What about you? Which Taylor Swift songs are you a fan of, or not a fan of?


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