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My travel bucket list is admittedly full of places everyone wants to travel, as well as full of places that almost everyone I know has already been. Also, I’m leaving off the place that I hope to travel to in 2020 because I would be going for other reasons. That being said, apparently writing down what to hope to accomplish makes accomplishing it more likely, so here are some places I hope to travel to before I’m forty:

5. Tokyo Japan

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One of my friends lived in Japan for two years and she has so many interesting stories. I’ve love to see what Japan is like first hand.

4. Paris, France

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Everyone I know seems to think I’ve been to Paris, and visited the Eiffel Tower. If I go, then I can stop correcting people about this.

3. Rome, Italy

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This may be the worst reason to want to go somewhere, but both Hilary Duff and the Olsen Twins shot movies in Rome, and the scenery looks amazing.

2. Sydney, Australia

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I’ve always wanted to travel to Australia, but only to a big city. I just feel like a big city must have less giant spiders than a small city or a town. I could be wrong; I guess we’ll see.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

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What Canadian doesn’t want to travel to a country smaller than half of Alberta? While I’m there, I can visit my cousins in Norway and be back the same day. Also, the architecture is amazing.

Thank you for reading! If you’ve been to one of the places on my travel bucket list, I’d love to know if you’d travel there again. Please comment and let me know what you think. Also, if you liked this post on places that I want to visit, why not click here to read advice on how to pack a suitcase? The secret is to not pack anything until the last midnight before you travel.

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  1. I hope you’ll make it to all of these places! Tokyo and Japan are so unique and amazing, and definitely worth the money! And Rome is beautiful too 🙂 Sydney is one of the next places on my bucket list, too.

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