I won’t say that NBC hates me, but I will say that they cancel a lot of shows I like. Not only did they cancel Awake after one season, but they also cancelled Hannibal and Great News.

Awake was a great show, but it probably wasn’t right for NBC since it was a great show and not a clich√©. No, I’m not bitter.

Anyway, Awake starts Lucius Malfoy Jason Isaacs as a cop whose wife or son dies in a car accident. That’s not a typo. In one world, Michael Britton’s wife, Hannah, is dead. In the other world, his son, Rex, is. I was more of a fan of the world where Michael’s wife was dead because I liked the will-they, won’t-they thing he said with Rex’s tennis coach.

Every episode has two investigations happening. In the green world, the world where Rex survived, Michael doesn’t have a partner. In the red world. the world where Hannah survived, Michael works with Detective Efrem Vega. Often clues from one world help Michael solve the investigation in the other world.

I have to say that, although I’m sorry the show was cancelled, I’m not quite on-board with how it would have continued. The creator of the show refused to say what would have happened, but Jason Isaacs told me when I met him at the Calgary Expo. Instead of getting him to sign a Lucius Malfoy poster, I got him to sign an Awake poster.

“Oh, thank you for choosing that one! Do you know what would have happened in season two? It would have created a new world where both his son and wife were alive.”

Uh…no. Just no.

Two investigations, two worlds, two realities worked well enough. Adding a third would have been too much. As it is, including that in what turned out to be the last episode worked well because it seemed like Michael had woken up to a reality where both his son and wife were alive.¬† Of course, that made it seem like the entire show was a dream, so…

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