As part of the lifestyle blog challenge (created by me, patent not pending), I’m writing posts about (almost) every lifestyle blog topic imaginable and seeing which get the best results, both in terms of how I feel about writing them and readership. Of course, this means that some topics have to be modified.

Instalyrics: I'm a writer. I'm allowed to be eccentric.

Instead of talking about my favourite inspirational quote (some of which I’ve already talked about on my Facebook page), I’m going to share why I create instalyrics.

1000 Goodbyes by Captain Tractor an instalyric made by quoteslyricsmadness

I started creating instalyrics in 2015, although I didn’t share them. I was going through a difficult situation, and the instalyrics were a good outlet. If you want to know what the difficult situation was, you can ask me. It’s not something I can get into here.

Creating instalyrics is like a form of therapy for me. If I’m going through something, whether it’s good or bad, creating an instalyric is like creating a snapshot of the situation. Also, now that I’m posting quotes for the organization of which I’m a part of, it’s also a good way for me to highlight things that people should hear.

How my instalyrics work are that I take photos that aren’t mine and combine them with lyrics or quotes that also aren’t mine. For the most part. Sometimes I take the photos and sometimes the quotes are from people I know.

I use WordSwag, Typorama, and ImageQuote. I used to use WordDream, but then they started charging for literally everything monthly, even if you’d bought the pro-version. I also loved an app called Quipio, but it’s dead now.

The lyrics and quotes I choose fall into five categories:

1. Quotes from people I know or celebrities.

2. Lyrics that remind me of something, but don’t relate to me.

3. Lyrics I find inspiring, but don’t relate to something specific.

4. Lyrics that relate to me, but don’t speak to me in the way that category 5 lyrics do.

5. Lyrics that speak to me on a personal level. Sometimes I can be listening to a song for the hundredth time, and suddenly a lyric speaks to me in a way it didn’t before.

Once I’ve chosen the words, I choose the app. Sometimes I instinctively know which app to use, and sometimes it’s trial and error.

I often choose the background based on thinking of a random word in my mind and searching it on the app. Other times I start with a photo, and then realize a solid colour would work better, or vice versa.

The next step is choosing the typography. Usually this just involves clicking different settings until I find one that works. Sometimes good enough is good enough, and sometimes I just love the way something turns out.

(This isn’t on my Instalyrics instagram, but I wanted to highlight it here because I’m super happy with how it turned out. It’s a quote that people should read and I love that I was able to integrate it with the banner.)

Finally, I share the instalyric on my Instagram page, QuotesLyricsMadness. I’ve been moving away from hashtags due to spam likes. Also, running the Instagram for the aforementioned organization made me realize that hashtags aren’t great a lot of the time. If you include a hashtag, you’re connected to every other post with that hashtag whether you want to be or not, and nothing is censored.

Instead, I’ve been including small explanations that relate to why I created the instalyric. They don’t give all the information, but that’s what the instalyric is for.


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