Recently, I quit my gym. Instead, I’m going to sign up for dance lessons (my sister is getting married and one of my goals is to not embarrass her, hence dance lessons), and I’m going to buy weights from Canadian Tire.

But why did I quit the gym? There were several reasons.

1. The gym is too salesy.

Remember that episode of Friends where Ross and Chandler try to quit the gym? There’s a lot of truth to it. You join the gym and you think that’ll be the end of it, but then they want you to sign up for personal training…and then they want you to sign up for more personal training. I understand it’s a business, but I’m more likely to buy from a business that doesn’t try to pressure me into spending more money.

I paid for six personal training sessions to learn how to use the gym, and then they wanted me to sign up for more. It wasn’t until I said I would have to rob someone in order to pay for it that they backed off.

2. I didn’t feel safe.

I used to go to an all-girls gym near my parents. I thought I could make the switch to a mixed gender gym, but this didn’t work out for me. I only had one bad experience. but it was enough to cement my decision to quit.

I was on the elliptical when some guy got on the elliptical beside me. This was a little annoying as I have a pretty big personal space bubble, but I figured maybe it was the only other elliptical available. Still, I left the elliptical after five minutes and went to a weight machine. The guy followed me and sat down on the weight machine beside me. After about twenty seconds, I walked towards the change rooms and, yep, the same guy was following me. I did what I usually do when I feel creeped out and called someone on the phone. At this point, the guy finally went away.

I didn’t tell the gym about this, but I think I will when I confirm that I’m quitting. I don’t want someone else to experience the same thing.

3. I can exercise without the gym.

Like I said, I’m going to buy exercise equipment. I also live in a area where I can exercise when the weather gets warmer. And in addition to dance classes, I can also sign up for spin or other classes. The one thing that the gym has is weight machines, but I think I can get the same results without them.

I know the gym works for a lot of people, but it just didn’t work for me. Part of me feels guilty for quitting, but I think I’m making the right decision.

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