Your Twitter bio is too long.

Your Twitter bio is too long. The ideal length is one word. Click To Tweet

I know what you’re thinking. You have 160 characters and you’re going to use them, but that’s a mistake and here’s why: The average length of a Twitter bio among people with a high follower count is short.

Robert Downey Jr. 14.3 million followers. Bio? “You know who I am.”

Tom Hiddleston. 4.2 million followers. Bio? “Actor.”

Chris Hemsworth. 6.4 million followers. Bio? “Official Twitter of Chris Hemsworth.”

Chris Evans. 12. 9 million followers. Bio? Nothing.

There are many more examples, but you get the idea.

Do you know their bios are so short? Because they’re already well known. They aren’t trying to get followers.

“But that’s why I need a long bio!” you say.

No, you don’t. You know what a long bio says? You’re not well known. By the way, I’m not including people like Hillary Clinton and Mark Ruffalo who don’t need long bios, but have them so they can advertise charitable causes they support.

A long bio full of emoticons says you're not well known. Click To Tweet

No one, including you, has ever followed someone because of their Twitter bio. You either follow people you already know, or you follow people who Twitter suggests to you because you want to increase your Follow count. Don’t be embarrassed; I do that too.

And yet, I keep seeing people who feel the need to tell everyone that they like coffee, Harry Potter, and “telling it like it is.” No one has ever followed someone for any of that, and it doesn’t make you unique anyway.

You need to be unique in order to stand out.

You need to be unique in order to stand out. Click To Tweet

Disney+ is creating a show called, “The World According to Jeff Goldblum.” This show will be extremely popular because Jeff Goldblum is incredibly unique. There’s no one like him. No one thinks quite like he does or talks the way he does. That’s why Disney can sell a show focused on him.

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On the opposite end of the spectrum, look at Brie Larson. She’s someone trying to be what she thinks people want and is failing spectacularly. Compare her 21 Jump Street interviewers to her Marvel interviews. Brie Larson was unique and fun. Now…I don’t even know what she’s doing. To be fair, I don’t think she knows either.

I’m not saying you should just tweet whatever.

I’ve learned the hard way that tweeting the equivalent of a Facebook status won’t get you followers.

You know what will? Come up with a brand and tweet according to that, but make sure the brand is authentic.

As for your Twitter bio, pick the word you want to be most associated with, and stick with it. I chose “Writer” and I’ve gotten more followers since changing my bio then I ever have before.

If you act like you’re well known, you’ll become well known.

If you act like you're well known, you'll become well known. Click To Tweet
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